Hello, my name is Martin and I’ve always been a fan of three things - Ancient Greece, epic storytelling and learning CG graphics. In this project, I decided to merge all three. Creating my own CG short film project from the Ancient Greek era... and helping YOU by documenting my workflow and giving you tools that will help you create your own CG projects.

My vision for Heroes of Bronze has several layers.

  • First,I want to create a short film showcasing the most famous moments of the Ancient Greek history. Thermopylae, Marathon, Salamis, the classical Athenian architecture as well as the majestic trireme battles.

  • Second, I plan to document each step of this project’s creation and regularly release tutorials, showing you my workflow and helping you create your own project!

  • Third, I plan to educate the viewers in a fun form about the world of Greek hoplites, Persian satraps, Mediterranean maritime trade, colonization, slavery, Spartan military prowess,  city states, early democracy and much more. This project is situated at around the year 480 BC.

Hope you’ll love the project and that it will help you realize your short films!

You can learn more about my work at: www.martinklekner.com

Martin Klekner