New Architectural Asset Tutorial Series!


Finally, I was able to put together a new tutorial! With this one, I am actually starting a whole new series of tuts focusing on the creation of one of the architectural assets I created for Heroes of Bronze. In this beginner course you will learn how to model such asset, create particles of leaves and flowers, sculpt a few engravings, UV the asset, add fire and render it. We will be also texturing it in the Substance Painter.

  • Download the Reference Images here.

  • PureRef file with reference.

  • Watch the realtime sculpting process from part 3 of the tutorial here.

  • You can download a PDF with the keyboard shortcuts I used here.

  • Download the leaf and rose textures here.

  • Download the Statue Stone .sppr preset from part 5 here.

  • Download the final Pedestal Stone .spsm Smart Material here.

  • Download the final MetalGrunge .spsm Smart Material here.

  • Download the final Bronze .spsm Smart Material here.

  • In the 8th part of the tutorial I actually made a mistake in the video, I did not use this HDRI Haven texture, but rather this one from OpenFootage - another great source of free HDRI!

  • Download the awesome B'rn Fire Shader by Simon Thommes here.

New concept and timelapse video - "Landing at Lade"

"In desperation, they watched the cowardly Samian fleet run from the battle and the rest of the Ionians destroyed by the Persians. They knew, that their only chance is to leave the cursed waters of Lade, land ashore and fight their way to safety. Gathering what little men they had left, they started their desperate push through the enemy lines." 


A concept art for one of the shots from Heroes of Bronze, this one depicting a moment from the Battle of Lade (494 BC), where the Ionian Greeks and their allies suffered a crushing defeat by the united fleet of the Persian Empire, events leading to the famous battle at Marathon (490 BC). 
I used 3D models that I rendered in Blender and then painted over in Photoshop. 

"Modeling a Spartan Warrior in Blender" teaser and info

A little teaser is here for the course I’ve been working on for the past three months. It’s called Modeling a Spartan Warrior in Blender and contains 37 lectures, totaling 3 hours+ of Blender training. Also, the course will offer several bonus lessons, as well as a tease lesson for the Spartan Warrior texturing course.

It will cost $30 and will be available on my Gumroad page.

You will learn how to:

  • add a character base to the Blender scene

  • model all the armor parts and accessories

  • sculpt several engraving and clothing parts

  • do retopology without extra addons

  • create crest and hair by using Blender hair system

  • UV your meshes

  • Create UV Atlases

  • Export your meshes for later use in Substance Painter

Also, you can expect a lot of historical fun facts, some bad jokes and a lot of pushing & pulling vertices! Stay tuned, the release is coming soon…

I’m so excited to release this thing! :-)


Spartan Warrior COURSE coming soon

I’ve been working on this tutorial course for the past few months and now it’s finally getting ready for release. It will be released in three stages - first the Modeling course in Blender, then the Texturing course in Substance Painter and then the Artwork creation course, coming later this year. The price will be $30 for each and it will be available at my Gumroad page.

I can’t wait to deliver this course to you and hopefully, it will teach you everything you need to know about character creation and texturing!


How to create, rig and animate CG characters and add them to Blender

Hello friends, welcome to this new tutorial from the Heroes of Bronze series. This time I will show you how to use Adobe Fuse to quickly create and edit semi-detailed CG characters, rig and animate them in Mixamo and then export into Blender, where we apply textures, adjust poses and weights and render them.

This tutorial is especially useful if you know little about animation, but want to fill your 3D scenes with animated characters.

This tutorial is a preparation for my Spartan course, where I used this technique to create a base model for the Spartan warrior model.