the film



Heroes of Bronze is an upcoming “proof-of-concept” short film set in Ancient Greece, showcasing the magnificence, beauty and horror of the time between two famous battles of ancient history – Marathon (490 BC) and Platea (479 BC).

It serves as an intro to - hopefully - a bigger animated


The year is 487 BC, three years after the glorious Greek victory at Marathon. The united armies of Athens and Platea met the Persians and against all odds, drove the invaders back. The victory was complete, thousands of Persians left dead on the field of battle. Only 192 Athenian citizens lost their lives to the enemy. Among them, Nikephoros, a noble warrior, who sacrificed himself to help hold the center line of the battle. His courage allowed his brothers to reach the long-desired victory. 

Nikephoros’ son never saw his father return from the battle. Only stories cameback. Only memories of the man.  

Now, each Metageitnion he keeps coming back, watching magnificent armor of his fallen father. He remembers the heroes of Marathon. He longs to become one of them. The armor is still too big for him, the kopis and aspis still too heavy. Yet he keeps training. Each year, he is getting taller and stronger. It is just a matter of time before he dons his father’s cuirass – and like him, becomes a hero of bronze...  


Heroes of Bronze is a 3 minute CG animated short film made by one person, using Blender 2.8 and variety of other software, including Substance Painter and Marvelous Designer.