September News!

Hey guys, even though I haven’t posted too many updates lately, I have been hard at work making new models for the short film. Some of the stuff you could already see at my Twitter and Instagram pages @mklekner so if you’re not already following, consider subscribing there for a lot of behind the scenes stuff :-)

There were some new posts on my Patreon page as well, namely, the cuirass mesh and Gorgon alpha from the timelapse video below and also, these magnificent crest particle presets for Blender!

Also, I posted a new timelapse of my work, this time showing how I created a new variation of one of the Linothorax models. You can watch it here:

 Enjoy and as always, if you want to support the project, just head over to my Patreon page, I’ll be forever grateful :-)



How to Quickly Create Clothing using Blender and Marvelous Designer

Hello friends and welcome to this new tutorial detailing yet another technique I use often when making Heroes of Bronze.

This time we’ll have a look at Marvelous Designer, an awesome tool for creating and simulating clothing. You will learn how I combine MD with Blender, how to create simple garment and cloak in MD, animate it, and export back into Blender.

Hope you like the tutorial and if you want to get the project files and exclusive content, consider supporting this project over at :-)

Also, get the mentioned Zach Reinhardt's CGBoost Blender Launch Pad here.


Martin :-)

New Course! Making a Short Film Teaser using Blender Eevee

I just released a new course on my Gumroad - "Making a Short Film Teaser Using Blender Eevee" where I go behind the scenes of my latest Heroes of Bronze teaser, made in Eevee.

More than 100 minutes of Eevee, Blender, Substance Painter and After Effects project breakdowns.

Topics covered:

- How I assembled scenes from the teaser using Blender 2.8 Eevee

- How to light your Eevee scenes and add atmosphere

- How to render from Eevee for easy compositing

- How to create 3D and 2D soldiers for your armies

- How to add image skies and use HDR images to light realtime scenes

- How to simulate particles and bake cloth sims

- Adding Megascans to your scenes

and more...


WARNING: These are NOT step by step tutorials, rather breakdown videos, summarizing the workflow I used to create the "Before the Storm" teaser...

Also, some historical fun facts about Ancient Greece are of course a must :-)



Behind the Scenes Articles on BlenderNation!

Hello, friends of Heroes of Bronze! Wonderful news, recently, two articles were published at BlenderNation, where I talk in detail about how I got to working on Heroes of Bronze.

In the first article, I talk a bit about my career, but mostly about what influenced me to start creating Heroes of Bronze, how I approach my projects and generally, what I would recommend for your own projects.

The second article is a Behind the Scenes piece, all about the “Before the Storm” teaser - how I created my assets, how I studied reference, what learned working with Eevee and Blender 2.8 and loads of other info.

Hope you’ll like both of them! It’s my first time being featured like this, so I am very excited about these articles! :-)



New Tutorial: Quickly Make Large-Scale Landscapes

Hello friends , a new tutorial is out, detailing yet another technique I use often when making my Heroes of Bronze short film.

This time we’ll have a look at World Creator a great tool for creating detailed landscape models, like the one you see in the banner.

Find Project Files and more tutorials at my

New Behind the Scenes and WIP of Spartan Texturing Promo Artwork

Hello dear friends, finally, I was able to work some more on Heroes of Bronze and I’d like to share with you the latest news. First, there are new videos going behind the scenes of the recent Before the Storm teaser, one is exclusive for my Patrons, the other is free to watch here:

I am also currently finishing my Spartan Texturing Course where you will learn how I textured my Spartan character I use in my promo artworks. Here is a quick screen grab of the course’s promo. This one will be the most epic I’ve yet created, I think :-)


And finally, there is actually a Meet the Artist article that came out over at BlenderNation, where I talk about my previous projects and also about Heroes of Bronze. So check it out!



Teaser Behind the Scenes Videos!

Exciting news, my friends!

After finishing the Pedestal tutorial course, I am now starting a new series of videos, connected closely to the “Before the Storm” teaser. In it, I will be dissecting the shots you can see in the teaser, showing you behind the scenes of my Blender, Substance and After Effects files.

And already, a first of these videos is available for free on my Youtube, and also, a second one you can find on my Patreon channel, where it’s unlocked for the Hypaspist and Hoplite tier Patrons :-)

More BTS videos will come soon…