New concept and timelapse video - "Landing at Lade"

"In desperation, they watched the cowardly Samian fleet run from the battle and the rest of the Ionians destroyed by the Persians. They knew, that their only chance is to leave the cursed waters of Lade, land ashore and fight their way to safety. Gathering what little men they had left, they started their desperate push through the enemy lines." 


A concept art for one of the shots from Heroes of Bronze, this one depicting a moment from the Battle of Lade (494 BC), where the Ionian Greeks and their allies suffered a crushing defeat by the united fleet of the Persian Empire, events leading to the famous battle at Marathon (490 BC). 
I used 3D models that I rendered in Blender and then painted over in Photoshop. 

Martin Klekner

Freelance Director, CG Artist / Blender and Ancient Greece geek / Former Cinematic Director for Kingdom Come Deliverance