New Behind the Scenes and WIP of Spartan Texturing Promo Artwork

Hello dear friends, finally, I was able to work some more on Heroes of Bronze and I’d like to share with you the latest news. First, there are new videos going behind the scenes of the recent Before the Storm teaser, one is exclusive for my Patrons, the other is free to watch here:

I am also currently finishing my Spartan Texturing Course where you will learn how I textured my Spartan character I use in my promo artworks. Here is a quick screen grab of the course’s promo. This one will be the most epic I’ve yet created, I think :-)


And finally, there is actually a Meet the Artist article that came out over at BlenderNation, where I talk about my previous projects and also about Heroes of Bronze. So check it out!



Martin Klekner

Freelance Director, CG Artist / Blender and Ancient Greece geek / Former Cinematic Director for Kingdom Come Deliverance