September News!

Hey guys, even though I haven’t posted too many updates lately, I have been hard at work making new models for the short film. Some of the stuff you could already see at my Twitter and Instagram pages @mklekner so if you’re not already following, consider subscribing there for a lot of behind the scenes stuff :-)

There were some new posts on my Patreon page as well, namely, the cuirass mesh and Gorgon alpha from the timelapse video below and also, these magnificent crest particle presets for Blender!

Also, I posted a new timelapse of my work, this time showing how I created a new variation of one of the Linothorax models. You can watch it here:

 Enjoy and as always, if you want to support the project, just head over to my Patreon page, I’ll be forever grateful :-)



Martin Klekner

Freelance Director, CG Artist / Blender and Ancient Greece geek / Former Cinematic Director for Kingdom Come Deliverance