Heroes of Bronze first teaser!

Hello, friends of Heroes of Bronze project! After some wait, I can finally present to you the first teaser for my upcoming historical short film Heroes of Bronze! It was made in Blender, using the realtime render Eevee. More info and behind the scenes coming soon :-)


The year is 490 BC, the morning before the Athenian troops left the city to fight the Persian invaders. Amid the coming storm, a father and a son meet for the very last time... More info here.


Megascans assets were used heavily in production of this video

Lion asset

Nike asset

Music: Royalty by Mattia Cupelli

"Magnificent Bastards" now in 21:9! + new artwork

Great news, I finally assembled some shot for the Heroes of Bronze short film! First, there is the Spartan noble scene I created some weeks ago, now extended into a 21:9 format shot. Hope you like it! There is a making of article coming as well :-)

As usual, I used Blender, Substance Painter, a bit of Marvelous Designer, Poliigon for some textures and The Grove for trees :-)


Also, I’ve been working on a different scene, showing one of the characters from the short film, Penelope. This is still a WIP though:

Everything is slowly starting to come together. So satisfying… :-)

By the way, don’t forget you can have a look at how I modeled the Spartan warrior in this course :-) So if you want to support my project financially, you can have a look at it:

Hope you like!