New Models Finished!

Hey everybody, I have finally been able to finish some essential models for the Heroes of Bronze short film!

First off, it’s the trireme, a magnificent type of ship the Ancient Greek used as highly-advanced weapon in maritime combat. It’s got three rows of oars, two sails and a huge bronze ram in the front of the ship, used to destroy enemy vessels.

Originally I wanted to outsource or buy this model. Then I thought, Heck, it’s my project, I might as well do it myself! Now I’m so glad I did, because it’s been a great fun and an awesome learning opportunity.

This is one of the several designs I plan to create for the project. Most important thing, however, is, that the base model is now ready and all the various designs will now be just about varying colors and little details.

Also, I was able to finish this bronze statue of a hero, featured in several shots of my short film. And there, in the background, is a Greek temple, which is not really completely finished yet, but it soon will be.


Hope you like the progress so far and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here in the comments section…

One more thing, you can now buy some of the models right here, thus supporting the project! Which would be a tremendous help for me. The more support I can get, the less freelance gigs I need to do and the more I can focus on Heroes of Bronze and new tutorials…


Oh and did I mention that I’m finally finishing the Spartan Texturing course, a part 2 of this course series? Stay tuned, it’s coming next month ;-)

Cheers, Martin

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"Magnificent Bastards" now in 21:9! + new artwork

Great news, I finally assembled some shot for the Heroes of Bronze short film! First, there is the Spartan noble scene I created some weeks ago, now extended into a 21:9 format shot. Hope you like it! There is a making of article coming as well :-)

As usual, I used Blender, Substance Painter, a bit of Marvelous Designer, Poliigon for some textures and The Grove for trees :-)


Also, I’ve been working on a different scene, showing one of the characters from the short film, Penelope. This is still a WIP though:

Everything is slowly starting to come together. So satisfying… :-)

By the way, don’t forget you can have a look at how I modeled the Spartan warrior in this course :-) So if you want to support my project financially, you can have a look at it:

Hope you like!


New Architectural Asset Tutorial Series!


Finally, I was able to put together a new tutorial! With this one, I am actually starting a whole new series of tuts focusing on the creation of one of the architectural assets I created for Heroes of Bronze. In this beginner course you will learn how to model such asset, create particles of leaves and flowers, sculpt a few engravings, UV the asset, add fire and render it. We will be also texturing it in the Substance Painter.

  • Download the Reference Images here.

  • PureRef file with reference.

  • Watch the realtime sculpting process from part 3 of the tutorial here.

  • You can download a PDF with the keyboard shortcuts I used here.

  • Download the leaf and rose textures here.

  • Download the Statue Stone .sppr preset from part 5 here.

  • Download the final Pedestal Stone .spsm Smart Material here.

  • Download the final MetalGrunge .spsm Smart Material here.

  • Download the final Bronze .spsm Smart Material here.

  • In the 8th part of the tutorial I actually made a mistake in the video, I did not use this HDRI Haven texture, but rather this one from OpenFootage - another great source of free HDRI!

  • Download the awesome B'rn Fire Shader by Simon Thommes here.

New concept and timelapse video - "Landing at Lade"

"In desperation, they watched the cowardly Samian fleet run from the battle and the rest of the Ionians destroyed by the Persians. They knew, that their only chance is to leave the cursed waters of Lade, land ashore and fight their way to safety. Gathering what little men they had left, they started their desperate push through the enemy lines." 


A concept art for one of the shots from Heroes of Bronze, this one depicting a moment from the Battle of Lade (494 BC), where the Ionian Greeks and their allies suffered a crushing defeat by the united fleet of the Persian Empire, events leading to the famous battle at Marathon (490 BC). 
I used 3D models that I rendered in Blender and then painted over in Photoshop. 

"Modeling a Spartan Warrior in Blender" teaser and info

A little teaser is here for the course I’ve been working on for the past three months. It’s called Modeling a Spartan Warrior in Blender and contains 37 lectures, totaling 3 hours+ of Blender training. Also, the course will offer several bonus lessons, as well as a tease lesson for the Spartan Warrior texturing course.

It will cost $30 and will be available on my Gumroad page.

You will learn how to:

  • add a character base to the Blender scene

  • model all the armor parts and accessories

  • sculpt several engraving and clothing parts

  • do retopology without extra addons

  • create crest and hair by using Blender hair system

  • UV your meshes

  • Create UV Atlases

  • Export your meshes for later use in Substance Painter

Also, you can expect a lot of historical fun facts, some bad jokes and a lot of pushing & pulling vertices! Stay tuned, the release is coming soon…

I’m so excited to release this thing! :-)